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What is Geiju ?

Geiju was established in 1975. At that time, the main idea was to dream up a clothing concept based on importing young designers’ creation from Europe with the objective to spread out these young creators’ works all over the country.

In 1985, the Geiju Boutique was finally built and we started to enjoy direct communication with the people that were intended to wear our clothes. It took us 10 years to establish ourselves in this industry but it was really valuable as there is nothing more emotional than meeting people who believe in our tastes.

We could have stopped at that point as we had reached our objectives. But we preferred to extend our sharing concepts to the delight of people’s ears and pallets. Why give up on the other senses when the eye’s one was a success?

Therefore, in 1995, we had the extreme pleasure to open the Geiju’s Café Sybele next to our Boutique. This place not only was a mean to meet our customer in a totally different atmosphere, but also to achieve another dream: to promote music, especially jazz, by inviting various bands to perform in the Café.

A last question came up. If we could get to a stage where people have discovered what they were seeking through our tastes and feelings, why not give others the opportunity to develop, promote, and share their qualities, talent or knowledge?

Following the fold axis that led us throughout all of our own progression we decided to open Transit Cultural Space, in 2011. Since that moment, we are proud to pass our flame to whoever wants to spread knowledge and culture around.

The story isn’t over…

Masayoshi Nakamoto

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